Best Travel Insurance in Indonesia 2018

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an insurance with a short-term policy that is valid only during travel and usually protects between several days to six months.

During the trip, anytime and anywhere in the world. To anticipate the unexpected that can happen and can cause significant financial loss, there are things you should do yourself that is to have travel insurance.

So, still confused? Relax, there’s still a lot of info that Futuready will have for you on travel insurance. First, there are some things you need to pay attention to when you want to have travel insurance. Anything?

  • Before purchasing travel insurance you should know in detail what is included in travel insurance coverage and which are not covered in travel insurance protection.
  • Find out the price comparison and facility of travel insurance premiums of any existing insurance company, so you can get maximum benefits by paying travel insurance premiums at an affordable price.
  • In travel insurance, there are usually types of tours or high-risk travel that is usually not covered by insurance companies. Therefore, you need additional travel insurance that provides more benefits and can provide high risk travel protection.
  • Find a company or insurance broker that provides the right travel insurance products. Because in this digital era, there are many conveniences that you can use. Now, buying travel insurance no longer has to go through an agency that usually makes you feel chased, or does it with a complicated system. Now available travel insurance purchases that you can get online.
  • When insurance claims, there are some things you need to pay attention to such as claims support documents. For example, if you lose the goods due to a criminal act make sure you immediately report the incident to the police authorities. If you miss an airplane, ask for a letter from the airline concerned to make the claim process easier. Anyway, all the documents should be prepared and you should choose a company that can assist you at any time in the process of filing a claim.

What are the Type and Plan of Travel Insurance?
When traveling, whether in or outside the country, not many currently consider buying travel insurance is important. Yet by having travel insurance you can protect various travel risks that could happen. Yes indeed the general reason is most do not want to have travel insurance should provide extra costs to be incurred. The assumption, the price of travel insurance is expensive and will affect the financial owned to save travel costs.

In fact, with the functions it has, this insurance can protect you from various risks that are likely to occur. Especially when the purpose of the trip you do is abroad. Where all your arrangements may be slightly different from domestic ones.

For your information, with the reason that the importance of this travel insurance, some countries have made travel insurance as one of the requirements to apply for a visa to their country is to have travel insurance abroad that can bear a certain minimum amount. One of them is when traveling to countries that have Visa Schengen, which is a visa owned for several European countries such as Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and others.

There are about 25 countries already incorporated and using Visa Schengen. So once you get this visa you can travel to the various countries that are incorporated without having to apply for a visa to each state embassy. Associated with this insurance, the requirements for applying for this visa is one of them is having Travel Insurance that guarantees a minimum of 30,000 USD or about Rp390 million.

Therefore, some insurance companies eventually provide a special package based on the destination country. Like domestic travel insurance packages for domestic travel, ASEAN packages when traveling to Southeast Asian countries, Asian packages for travel to Asian countries, European packages for Travel Insurance to Europe, and worldwide packages for travel to the world.

Many insurance providers are finally opening an insurance program that provides various travel insurance packages in accordance with the journey that will be done. For example, you want to travel to Japan, it will be available travel insurance to Japan, or you want to travel to Germany; then there is travel insurance to Germany. Each package has advantages and various plans to choose from.

In general, there are two packages that are usually offered. First is Single Trip program which can guarantee for one trip you do (usually will guarantee you up to 180 days per trip). There is also an annual product, an insurance program that can cover or guarantee every trip of your maximum 90 (ninety) days / trip. The applicable travel insurance premium, depending on the package taken.

So, if you plan to travel abroad more than once in the next 12 months, then you should choose annual travel insurance because the premium can be cheaper so it will be easier and beneficial for you.

Benefits of Travel Insurance
Later, you can feel yourself the benefits and advantages of having travel insurance that protects your every trip. Especially your tranquility and comfort while traveling and protecting against any risks that may occur during the trip.

Starting from insurance coverage for losses caused by travel delays, emergency medical emergency and repatriation coverage, guarantees while you are in hospital or quarantine, to the protection of the contents of the house as long as you are left behind. In fact, most travel insurance providers provide a 24-hour call center number for all your insurance protection needs.

In order to make you easier, there are many travel insurance variants. Of course, the various benefits and protections offered are also influenced by the premiums paid. In general, however, the types of benefits that Travel Insurance often offers are as follows:

  1. Accident & Emergency Treatment. With travel insurance, you will get compensation for death, loss of limbs, or total paralysis due to accidents that occurred during the trip.
  2. Cancellations & Travel Delays. In general, travel insurance provides protection against some cases such as travel delays by airlines, to cancellations of travel due to you or family members traveling ill or dying.
  3. Baggage and Luggage. Ouch this incident must be unpleasant. Travel insurance can bear the losses incurred due to loss and damage to luggage or items you carry during travel or after return trip home. Some travel insurance products even give compensation if there is more than 12 hours of baggage delays.
  4. Double Closing. Travel insurance also provides compensation for personal accidents to be duplicated if an accident occurs while on a scheduled commercial airplane.
  5. Return of the Bodies. Travel insurance also provides services in terms of repatriation of the corpse. Products that bear this problem usually offer two alternatives: The cost of repatriation or the cost of cremation or burial at the location where the death occurred.
  6. Benefits of Child Care and Grief Visits. This is a travel insurance benefit provided to one relative or family, who is required to stay with or travel with you while you are treated abroad.
  7. Medical Evacuation. Some travel insurance products offer 24-hour emergency assistance facilities around the world.
  8. Related Travels. Generally, travel insurance also offers protection against some cases such as travel delays (usually transportation delays of more than 12 hours), replacement of cash advance due to matters outside the policyholder’s powers, to accommodation, food and beverage costs incurred flights that are not continuous.
  9. Home Protection. The benefits of travel insurance is intended to pay for damage caused by fire on the contents of the house of the insured left empty because of the trip.

Back again, of course what is offered by the insurance company with each other can be very different. The point is, you must actively ask as much and as clearly as possible before buying travel insurance products. Choose and compare any travel insurance product that suits your travel needs.

Unlimited Travel Insurance Shopping
Since the holiday planning, especially to places of distant destinations of course you need a lot of preparation. It would be very inconvenient indeed if there is one little thing that once you get to the location it was not carried by you and your family during the trip.

This is the same as travel insurance, one of the most important things you should take when traveling. All the conveniences are at your fingertips. It does not take long and complicated process, in you only takes about 5 minutes for travel insurance expenses. So, your time can later be used to maximize the planning for your trip.

How to Shop for Travel Insurance at Supermarket Insurance
To simplify the process of shopping travel insurance you want to want. You can directly do it yourself live bandinkan, select, and pay. All available travel insurance product information is presented in detail and is open to you.

  1. Compare the best insurance options.
  2. Choose what you want.
  3. Pay.
  4. Policy sent e-mail.
  5. Enjoy your trip!

There are many travel insurance providers in Indonesia. And in this article, I will try to discuss the Best Travel Insurance List in Indonesia this Year 2018.

1. AXA Mandiri Travel

Enjoy the convenience of business and leisure travel with the benefits of comprehensive protection for you and your family. AXA Mandiri provides International Travel Insurance covering SCHENGEN countries (France, Germany, Netherlands, etc.), Non SCHENGEN countries (Japan, UK, Korea etc.), ASEAN Plus countries (Hongkong, Thailand, Philippines, etc.) cities in Indonesia (Jogjakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Medan, etc.).

Make sure you are well protected so as to provide a sense of security and peace during the trip. To anticipate unforeseen circumstances that can occur and result in significant financial loss, then immediately protect yourself with travel insurance from AXA Mandiri. AXA Mandiri provides the best travel insurance products that provide you with protection benefits during your trip from medical expenses, personal accident, flight delays, to baggage loss both outside and within the country.

2. Allianz

Allianz Indonesia dikenal sebagai penyedia perlindungan asuransi dan solusi keuangan dengan budaya kinerja tinggi untuk mencapai keuntungan berkelanjutan.
Trusted and RELIABLE INSURANCE Company in Indonesia

3. Zurich

Zurich is a leading multi-line insurance company serving customers globally and locally. With approximately 54,000 employees, we provide a wide range of general insurance and life insurance products and services. We serve individuals, small businesses, and medium to large companies, including multinational companies, in more than 210 countries and territories.


With online transactions, get your policy immediately at the same time after you pay the premium. No more waiting for days for policy issuance.

5. Travel Safe

New Travel Safe provides the convenience and protection of Travel Insurance for a one-year period for each participant who travels frequently.